heaven, we hope, is just up the road

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"Exclusive" First Look at the Dwarves [x]

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"Hufflepuffs are known to have good friends in Slytherin. Hufflepuffs are some of the few who won’t judge based on negative rumours. This means they’re the most likely to approach Slytherins and help them when in need. This makes amazingly loyal friends between the houses. Mess with a Hufflepuff, and you’ll likely find a Slytherin getting revenge for the more forgiving house."


it’s true doe


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"all girls dress the same"

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Favourite Doctor Who Characters - Vicki Pallister 

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the fandoms of tumblr | be brave 

There’s a range of things to pull from this: be brave in the face of death, be brave for other people, be brave enough to go for someone you love, be brave enough to sacrifice yourself, be brave after loss, be brave in the face of your enemies, be brave in social situations, be brave of your abilities. Just be brave.

[Edited by me and my sister. We put as many fandoms in as we could manage.]

ok so i was watching this and i was like oh wow wowowowow”

then achievement hunter. green brothers. friends. youtubers.

i cried

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Something moves in the shadows, unseen, hidden from our sight. It will not show itself, not yet. But every day it grows in strength.

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this party is invite only

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I love dancing, I’ve always loved it

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